What is Velma?


1. A very nerdy person on the outside, but to be crazy cool and great in bed.

2. the act of being a nerdy person, yet cool and great in bed.

3. Someone who is attracted to a nerdy person in the hopes that they will be crazy cool and great in bed.

4. The act of seeking out nerdy people of the opposite sex in hopes that they are cool and great in bed.

1. That chick is such a Velma.

2. I know those girls velma.

3. That dude is one horny Velma.

4. That guy is going to velma tonight. He is totally on the prowl already.


A nerdy chick who, despite thick-framed glasses and impossibly mid-length plaid skirts, is still gorgeous and probably a crackwhore in the sack.

Damn! Olga Gertchwindle is a velma! Jinkies!


The nerdy, orange sweater wearing chick who was the meat of the mystery solving gang on scooby-doo. She may be a nerd but she is so fucking hot.

Velma Dace Dinkly is so nerdy on Scooby Doo. Oh I want to give it to her so badly!

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Verb- To search for your glasses on hands and knees.

1) Jinkeys Scoob! They've got to be here somewhere!

2) My kid walked off with my glasses this morning- I had to Velma for 10 minutes before I found them.

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The act of receiving ejaculate in or around the eyes, resulting in an uncomfortable squint not unlike Velma from Scooby-Doo. I pulled it out and gave her a velma


A young man who finds it nearly impossible to achieve sexual pleasure because only whores will sleep with him. He is usually regarded by women as a friend, not a sexual being.

damn, son, until you get some REAL pussy you're just a Velma.

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