What is Venezuela?


beautiful country in south america, with beautiful women and nice accent.Actual president, some fidel castro wanna be. Producer of gas for your car.

Those venezuelan girls are always on top 5 of miss universe every year, what the hell.


Amazing Kick ass country in south america , Hot girls , hot Guys and Nice food , also a party country , everyone loves to party alcohol is so easy to get , and you can go clubing anywhere i you find your fake "Cedula" (ID) is so cool also is a beautiful place to take pictures , people is warm kind and hot

Dude I wen To Venezuela last month I got so fucked uo with Anis

There is nothing better than "Polar beer"


Beautiful country, beautiful girls, great accent, nice people, good taste, cool spots and a really bad president



beautiful country in south america

that girl mercedes is from venezuela


BEAUTIFUL country... but... a fucker for a president.. let's get real and stop listening to nateddi he/she is a fucker and a liar, probably getting paid by the government for supporting them!

Eres una muerta/o de hambre maldita/o puta/o!!!!!!!!!!!! Sabes que son unos tramposos!!!!!!! y tambien sabes q solo le vas a chavez porque te da real!!!!! ya lo van a pagar! y yo me voy a reir cuando se los lleven a todos presos!!!! ASESINOSSSSS!!!!!!!!


1. Beautiful country, beautiful chicks, hot guys, beautiful beaches, mountains, nice accent, taste and yeah, the worst president in the world.

2. Homeland of some excellent Hispanic artists; Ricardo Montaner, Patricia Velasquez, Oscar D'Leon.

3. Homeland of The Liberator, Simon Bolivar... One of the world's greatest heroes.

4. Homeland of most girls with a big ass.

Dude, I gotta go to Venezuela


It's a beautiful country located in south american, with one of the most beautiful women in the world.

Venezuela is the best place to party and have some fun.

Beautiful beaches,mountains (with snow! :O) and it has a beautiful desert called "Los Medanos De Coro".

Venezuela also has one of the tallest waterfalls called the Angel Falls or "El Salto Del Angel"

Part of the amazon is in Venezuela

it's current president is an asshole called chavez , he is a corrupt leader who wants to be like Fidel. He is stealing all of Venezuelas money, and everyone hates him , he does not admit that the majority doesn't want him. He cheats every-time there is an election but next time there one the people are gonna kick his ass

The Venezuelan president sucks "Chavez es una mierda" Chavistas abran los ojos antes de que el aniamal destruya a venezuela.

See venezuela, coro, mountains, beach


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