What is Vent?


A slang for the term Ventrilo, an internet chat program, that allows users to voice communicate over the internet.

hey dude, get on vent!


Term meaning to let of steam. Have shout, complain or whatever

I really needed to vent, so I got on the phone to that bitch

See Anon


to release built up emotion by yelling, complaining, etc

Why do you always vent your anger on others?

See ventilate, release


short-word for Ventrilo

Tom: Anyone on vent ?

Jerry: only me n stacy

See vent, ventrilo, program, voice, ts


taking advantage of the venting system that is in coors light for easier drinking

"We gonna vent today...?"

"Yea man im down for some venting"

See drinking, venting, beer, alcohol, party


To shit and piss at the same time.

Mike: *Running to the bathroom* I'm about to vent my pants!

See shit, poop, pee, piss, caca


To ejactulate and/or cum.

I'm so horny right now, I think I'm going to vent to the next chick I see.

See vent, cum, masturbate, jack off, ejaculate


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