What is Veratize?


1. To annoyingly pick at food on the table, eating slice after slice, leaving a very unappetizing carcass of a piece of food (pastry, cake, etc.), in the mistaken belief that by eating surgically sliced portions in very small pieces, the food is rendered calorie and fat free.

2. To add copious amounts of salt, pepper, or some other substance to a piece of food, thus rendering the food inedible, because someone doesn't have enough self control not to eat said piece of food. While food ends up being inedible to the veratizer, it also ends up being inedible to the other people at the table, who may desire to eat it.

3. To repeatly go the fridge, and pick and pick after a defenseless foodstuff, typically with the same eating utensil, thus rendering food inedible to anyone but the veratizer.

Man, did you see how she was veratizing that danish? Why doesn't she just put it on her plate and eat it like a normal civilized person does?

You may as well throw away that cake in the fridge. I sure as hell don't want to eat it after it has been so thoroughly veratized.

See scarfing


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