What is Vermonter?


People from the state of Vermont. True Vermonters have been living in Vermont for at least seven generations. Does not include lame New Jerseyite/Connecticut/Massachusett transplants and annoying out-of-stater UVM students. real Vermonters are not hippies. Real Vermonters hose tourists and laugh at them when they gawk at leaves.

"That kid is throwing green apples at those Jerseyites. She must be a Real Vermonter."

"My Great Grandmother x 8 generations came to Vermont from Wales. I'm a Real Vermonter."

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one who lives in vermont. must have love for the maple leaf, phish, and subarus. does not include UVM out of state students who suddenly have vermont pride after one semester of getting stoned in burlington. see woodchuck.

the vermonter kindly used his tractor to plow main street after a record snowfall of two feet in eight hours.


Blue collar degenerate trash, with more pride for their state, than to welcome outsiders... hence drying out their own economy. One who will offer you their unsolicited opinion, and unwanted advice. Liberal to a fault, offering leniant penalties or "rehab" to sex offenders, while providing welfare to unemployed drug pushers. Someone who dumps their trash on the roadside. One who overfishes, overhunts, and undercompensates for what they take. Mostly over the age of 65, driving younger generations out of state with their stubborn ways. Some hardworking. Some very friendly. Others, cold and unsociable. A welfare charity case. An inbred. A woodchuck. Their pride in Phish is as tired as the band's music. Unable to cope with the fact that their state is nothing more than America's retirement home; where people come to regail at the colorful leaves and enjoy Ben & Jerry's icecream once a year. They grow good pot. They brew great beer. Willing to settle for less. A walking, talking, fucking oxymoron of a disaster of a human being.

Let's move to Vermont. Nevermind, Vermonters hate everyone out who wants to live there. Let them remain one of the 5 poorest states in the U.S. and harbor pedofiles then. Watch out for that that washing machine someone left by the roadside!

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Stoners.. the coolese people ever who live in the best state ever.

Dude.. lets go get stoned..use we are vermonters with the best stuff

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