Vet Man

What is Vet Man?


(1) Jeff Goven's comic superhero. Military war vet. Purple Chevette driving veterinarian by day. VFW member. Crimefighter by night (and on the weekends). When fighting crime, he drives a black, bullet-proof, Vette-bodied March WaterCar, with a reflective yellow V stripe on the hood.

(2) Slang: refers to any person with exceptional "Vetness".

My $8 hamster had a broken leg. Dr. Doolittle fixed him up for $7. Vet Man!

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Actually "Vet Man" is a superhero identity passed down from father to son ever since the Revolutionary war. Therefore, there have been MANY Vet Men -- but, only "ONE" at a time (there was a pair of identical twins who shared the Vet Man identity).

Vet Man is an animal loving crimefighter. Every Vet Man has been a veterinarian, and fought for his country.

Ever since 1953, Vet Man has driven a Corvette. The Corvette started out with a 6 cylinder, so 1955 was a tough year for Vet Man, because his evil nemesis, The Hunter, had a Thunderbird for his city car, and Vet Man could never catch him! Thankfully, Chevrolet came out with a V8 Corvette in 1956 and no Vette ever got beaten by a T-bird since then!

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