Vet Nurse

What is Vet Nurse?


Someone who probably likes animals, enjoys their company and wants to protect them from stupidity, and if they don't already seriously dislike humans will learn very swiftly to do so. They have no fear of poo, wee, pus, flying dogs' nuts or serious maulings. They generally avoid aspiring to veterinarianship because they realise that it mainly involves desexing things, killing things, curing things that shouldn't be cured, trying to artificially rectify genetic problems that never would have occured but for man's arrogance, and peddling worm tablets; most of it is for the owner and the pharmaceutical companies, but not the pet. Fifi is old and wants to die now. Stop force-feeding her and sticking I.V.'s in her, you selfish human cunt. You obviously have serious issues with your own mortality. Fuck off and think about it while I go hang in the comparative sanity of the kennel room with the dogs and cats.

The vet nurse trotted obediently but sadly out to the freezer with a giant infected akita uterus, a dead dobermann and a flyblown guinea-pig.

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