What is Vggts?





giant princess sally acorn


Acronym for Video Game Giantess. Basically, the same as a GTS, but it has characters from Video Games.

I like VGGTS more than I like GTS.

See Anonymous


this is actually a story that was rejected from the site but i hope you like it

"M.C. device"

After egg man had his tarantula accident the original eggman was revived by the guardian who said, "I will only revive you if you die from an unnatural cause so if you try to do something evil next time it’s going to cost you to be brought back though I wouldn’t mind for you to stay dead."

But the egg man just ignored his warning and started to build a mc device codename: mind controller. With this devise he would be able to control any living thing that had a in tacked mind. His plans were to take control of one of the girls that had the guardian made emeralds in them and control the world with her. He randomly chose rouge.

His plan was to trick knuckles into coming into his laboratory and control him with the mc device and use him into tricking rouge into thinking that he gave up the master emerald but the emerald would be a fake look alike with another mc device in it so that when rouge absorbed it he would have control over rouge.

He sent a robot to the floating island. When the robot got to the island knuckles yelled, "HEY WHAT DO YOU THINK YOUR DOING?!" he started to run towards the robot about to charge into it when a hologram came out of the robot and in front of knuckles was a hologram of egg man.

Egg man said, "I’m sending this message to inform you that I’ve learned my ways where wrong and that you could come here to my laboratory so we can make a peace treaty. See you here, this robot will now self-destruct." "a oh" knuckles said as the robot blew up in his face. Seconds later he was covered in smoke.

Believing what egg man said he went to the laboratory. When he entered a cage fell from the top and he was trapped and egg man said, "did you truly believe that I was really going to make peace!" Egg man walked off laughing and then knuckles thought to himself, "what would sonic do if he were here" he then thought and then an image of sonic came to his mind and he said to knuckles, "way to go knuckle head!" "well that wasn’t much help." knuckles said to himself when he was finished thinking.

Thirty seconds later Egg man returned and brought some sort of device and said, " this won’t last as long as the other device will but it will have to do" then he took out a needle and pushed a button on the side of the cage that caused metal bars to come out and hold him in place. then knuckles said before the needle stuck into him, "I hope this won’t hurt" and eggman said, "only if I’m unlucky" then he stuck it into him.

After egg man removed the needle knuckles was like a robot and egg man gave knuckles the fake emerald and sent him back to knuckles island. egg man then took out his two controllers and used the small one to control knuckles.

Ten minutes after knuckles got to his island rouge appeared to try and steal the master emerald from knuckles but egg man used the controller and the microphone to control and get him to say things. Rouge said, "you might as well give up the master emerald because there is no point in fighting me now. So egg man said in the microphone, "Your right, here go ahead and take the emerald" rouge hearing knuckles say this was like hearing a tree say, "cut me down"

A bit confused she took the master emerald from knuckles. Knuckles then got out of the mind control and tried to tell rouge not to absorb it but rouge has already done so. Eggman then grabbed his second controller and turned it on. Rouge then looked like she was being struck by lightning. Knuckles then glided to sally’s village to tell everyone what had just happened.

He then turned on his radar witch told him where his mc device was he then installed the controller to his lab top which let him control everything about her except her internal organs. He then typed in a command and her eyes glowed a deep red and she started to grow and grow and grow until she was 200 feet tall. He then turned on another gadget which let him see what she saw.

He then made her walk toward his laboratory. He then walked out side and told her to lie down on her stomach on his laptop. She did and he climbed to the top of her head between the ears and he then told her to stand up and walk towards station square for some business with the creature.

When they got there nobody noticed until eggman told rouge to destroy a building which caused everyone to run away from them and he thought to himself, "finally my dreams to controlling this planet will finally come true but first I need to take care of something" he then put in a command in his laptop which caused rouge to take roofs off of buildings and if the creature he was looking for he would tell her to crush the building and its inhabitance flat.

After the twentieth building was flat to the ground he then used the microphone and said which caused rouge to say the same thing, " where is guardian and if you people don’t tell me soon I will use rouge to crush this place flat" but then rouge started to move on her own but she was still being controlled by the mc device.

Then his laptop said, "guardian found capture in process" then they started heading towards sally’s village then towards tails laboratory then she tore off the roof but everyone already ran to safety but there was only a a glass container that said something in a different language that used basically the same letters of origin of the name "mew" so he commanded her to smash it. She did then something came out but it was guardian.

Eggman then commanded rouge to grab the guardian. when she did eggman said with you out of the way I can control this planet at ease. Then sonic and tails came in with some sort of strange looking parts, but before they could do anything eggman commanded rouge to eat the guardian.

She then put him in her mouth and swallowed. Eggman then laughed until rouge’s eyes started to glow a deep purple instead of red and eggmans laptop exploded and then something said, "It’s been awhile since I took control of something myself. then rouge grabbed eggman and put him beside the weird machine and then tails and sonic turned it on and it restrained eggman in place and then something started to come out of rouge.

It was the fake master emerald and guardian. Then rouge returned to normal and she fell asleep. With egg man still in the machine the guardian then used his powers and put egg man in her mouth and added some sort of chocolate that said lax on it and the guardian said with a smile have fun. And then he walked off and then she swallowed.

Then the guardian shrunk her down to her regular size and took her home with a big smile.

Then later on (few hours later) a present arrived near rouge and it said, " have fun with your new pet"

She then opened it and there was egg man 4 inches tall.



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