What is Vibes?


feelings, atmosphere (from vibrations)

I get great vibes from that song.

See optimism


1. feelings, atmosphere (good or bad vibrations).

2. way to explain something that makes you feel good.

3. condolences, way to express sorrow for someone when something bad has happened to them.

1. I've got some good vibes from this place.

2. This song's got a good vibe to it.

3. Sorry your cat died, vibes dude.

See feeling, vibe, sorry, vibse


Where you are " high" on marajuana to a point where your body "feels" the song and you moove to the beat without realising.

"Man This choon has a good Vibe"

"im getting a vibe from this Tune"


1) n. a negative, confrontational expression or action

2) v. to confrontationally, or negatively approach a

person or idea

--to act with passive animosity

1) "you just told me i was hella lame. vibes." (as in,

you gave me...)

2) ryan was being all vibey when he laughed at my myspace


See bad, energy, mean, animosity


When your phone is in your pocket and on vibrate only and someone texts or phones you.

"Ooh I've got vibes"

See vibrate, mobile, phone, text, txt, call, silence


WAY overpriced hip hop clothing store. sells clothes like Akademiks, Dickies, Bad Boy, UNK, Phat Farm, Sean John, Timberland, Ecko, Harlem GlobeTrotters stuff, etc...

Guy 1: damn nice jeans where did you get them?

Guy 2: they're UNK I got them from Vibes?

Guy 1: How much? 100$?

Guy 2: 200$

Guy 1: Did you see my Dickies?

Guy 2: Yeah how much did you pay them?

Guy 1: 60$

Guy 2: WHAT?! I got mine's for 25$! Did you go to Vibes?


shorthand for vibrator or vibrator (the sex toy)

that sex shop sells lube, dildos, butt plugs, and vibes

See vibrator, vibe, sex toys


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