What is Victor?


Common name of a playa who'll leave you without saying a word. Also known as

"hustla", this individual is particularly good in bed and has vast experience he'll never admit he does, which is why all of his xs still chase him.

Hard to catch, impossible to keep, the biggest mistake you can make is introducing him to your best friend, who of course, is going to wanna nail him.

This name can also translate to "Winner, triumphant, #1" in various languages.

"dam nigz, u is a Victor"

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roots from latin word "Victor" meaning victory.


Yo, Victor, hows life man?

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A highly intelligent, smooth talking, mysterious, player, who appears rough on the exterior, but has a heart, you just won't know it....Use CAUTION when in the vicinity of said male species; as they can suck you in and bend you to their will; stripping you of all your values and moral beliefs. Also highly contagious...most men wanna be him and all females wanna have him. Has the ability to turn you into a wimpering ball of flesh with one comment, leaving victim to question their validity for life.

#1: dude what's the matter with you? Why you sucking your thumb?

#2: I got victorized!

#1: Wanna blankey now?

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An amazing guy. Except that only one girl will hold his heart, He is a very difficult guy and a player, but a great smooth talker and very persuasive, never fake though. Eyes that will swoon you in and a smile that could light up the darkest of tunnels. Easy to fall for but if your a tough cookie it's hard for you to admit it. Usually of the hispanic race, very big nice family and an even bigger heart. One girl will win his heart and by ages 16 she probably already has, This guy is most compatible with virgos the two personalitys click. Although with his loved one age may be a problem seeing he is probably older. Usually nick names are Vick or Vic doesn't really obtain the full name unless it's a serious matter. Pretty well known guy and definitely a hearthrob but if watch out. He definitely has experience but like's a challenge. His ex's always chase him but he always goes to the same girl although she's not an ex and has never gave it up to him, Wants her but not just for her sex but for herself. This guy has got a temper so try not to set it off.

Well i guess that's definitely a Victor

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dirty mexican

Victor is a dirty mexican who does yard work.

And gets under paid.

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VICTOR is an original band that was formed sometime in 2005. Their music is created from a blend of modern rock, punk, and progressive metal. Their energy-driven sound is a blend of searing rock/metal riffs and melodic vocal harmonies. The music scene veterans of VICTOR combine their own personal music influences to form a truly unique sound. Their songs have catchy hooks and unexpected changes that always keep the crowd interested.

Victor is a band from Melbourne Florida that seriously kicks ass.

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a fat venezuelan who cheats on the gf he supposedly loves, and bull shits her with lies of love and honesty untill she finally takes him back, then he cheats on her again, and didnt care that he was hurting her untill she found out and she dumped his ass then punched him in the face an dislocated his jaw. =] and now got his ass posted up on here!!

"dude i cheated on my gf again over spring break"

"dude you pulled a victor"

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