Videogame Driver

What is Videogame Driver?


A vehicle-driver, generally a younger person, who apparently thinks that they can drive because they have grown up playing far too many driving or race-car videogames. Generally, the person swerves and zigzags in and out of traffic without use of turn-signals or any courtesy or concern for safety, cutting away any stopping-distance between the affected vehicles, or drives to endanger as though "game over" simply means hitting the "Play Again" button.

That videogame driver jerk just zoomed up behind me, swerved around and cut me off without warning, then swerved their way through another dozen cars like it's some sort of racing-game. Jerk-- apparently can't see that no one can go any faster!

See asshole, jerk, driver, driving, videogame, moron, safety, vehicle, traffic


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