Vietnamese Ass Wash

What is Vietnamese Ass Wash?


This soothing cleansing of the posterior involves applying heated lotion to the hand and gently rubbing a path from the anus to the grundle for a period of 3-5 minutes. The more established parlors will conclude with a brief massage of the buttocks.

This is a highly pleasureable personal massage, usually only found in the larger cities of South Vietnam. While such activities can be procured in other locales, the negative risk of what requested services that actually take place increase exponetialy based upon the proximity to urban areas. This negative risk also includes the possibility of additional pleasures included in the cost of a standard V.A.W., though on average this percentage is well below favorable odds.

Nicky, Nech, Stanley, and I experienced a short hiatus to South Vietnam as ESL instructors. The constant lower body physical exertion of standing in class and riding scooters warranted relief in a general area from the waist to the upper thighs. As a result, numerous Vietnamese ass washes were procured to assist in our recovery from the local massage parlors during the duration of our stay.

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