What is Vikkies?


The two handed 'victory sign' hand singnal used as a derogatory in the northern UK, equivalent to a two handed 'flip off' in the US- instead of flashing the back of the hands with the middle finger extended, the index and middle fingers (the 'v') are displayed. Rumoured to have originated in medieval times as a taunt in the sense that one might take a man's sword, but he still has his two fingers to draw back his bow, or, opposingly a reference to the battle at Bannockburn (where archers were overwhelmed by mounted swordsmen) that two bows (a more advanced technology at the time) are outmatched by a Scotsman.

A pedestrian crossing a Glasgow street having to jump back to avoid a speeding auto might 'flash the vikkies' at the offending driver's rear window (to be seen via the rear view mirror) to express his displeasure.


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