What is Village?


Anything conducted on a small scale, with a very low standard, such as a village fair.

"This pub is completely village."

See ghetto, gash, shite, naff, piss poor


Public housing/ Government housing projects for poor people who don't work and decide to live off the government instead.

People residing in " the village " will usually be hooked on drugs, have 2 teeth and have family members who have sex and marry eachother.

Usually will be dirty, unhygienic and poor.

Don't go to the village or you will be made fun of.

See slums, projects, dirty, incest, poor


Term used to suggest a person has performed a certain act to a poor standard. ie. village team standard

yo nigguh that shizzle was village

See awful, sohail, shite, spark, film


A game played with action figures, dolls and any other character toys that simulates real life and a town or village.

I played Village with my cousin. My character lived in a cardboard box and was married to Barbie with dollar store action figure baby.

See Andy


a place where poor people live. The projects. A place for the disadvantaged and unfortunate.

I would hate to live in the village.

See crap, shit, gutta, pathetic, shitty, poor


A small town, larger than a hamlet and usually containing between 100 and 2000 people. The population may go up or down depending on the population of surrounding areas.

Also a term used to describe the East or Greenwich Village on southeastern Manhattan Island, or for that matter, any semi-self contained community within the dense fabric of a much larger city.

South Park is a semi-ficticious village in thestate of Colorado complete with a commercial/shopping district or main street, As is Dancing Rabbit, a growing eco-villiage in Missouri.

See villiage, small town, hamlet, delmarva


'Village' is a term used by cricketers (predominantly in England) to refer to either:

a) A very poor cricket team/opposition

b) The literal meaning. A team from outside of major city areas (local teams or non league teams)

c) Can also be used in describing certain types of agricultural shots played by batsman or certain types of bowling, usually slow and slower!

d) Has even been known to refer to certain types of cricket gear (cricket pads with buckles, or a cricketer wearing black socks etc)

"That Team/shot/bowling is/was absolutely Village!!"

See cricket, cricketer, pie chucker, slogger


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