What is Villain?


Villain, a hardcore trail only Jeep Wrangler Yj, the Villain is one of the badest rigs on any trail. It is capable beyond the belief of bystanders!

Hey Jay, you gonna bring The Villain out next weekend?

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a person whose permanent residence is in the city boundaries of Naperville, Illinois. Note: it is not necessary that a person be evil or partake in evil doings for them to be a villain. There is a rare form of the villainous breed that should be treated normally due to their hatred of their villainous descent, including the likes of Sravisht (Chevy) Iyer. However, all other villains are evil and do partake in evil doings.

"Hey Q! I think that we should have as many villains as possible in the wing so that Joe and I have some sophomore egos to shoot down."


A slang term describing a state of being. Instead of saying chillin, or chillin like a villain, simply say villain.

quo:-yo fresh, what cha up to?-

fresh: = villain =

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