Vinegar Stroke

What is Vinegar Stroke?


The point during sexual intercourse where a man is irreversibly about to blowhis load. The very worst time to have to cease coitusin an emergency.

Shit! I was on the vinegar stroke when Julie's dad burst through the door.

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The arrival of pre-cum when having a sherman.

When answering the phone for example

"Bloody Hell that was bad timing I was just on the vinegar stroke !"


The facial expression during sex that coincides with the last thrust before coming.

Imagine the contorted 'fuck face' being pulled by the male as hes about to come, and compare to the wincing one would experience when sucking a lemon, or tasting vinegar. Hence, the vinegar stroke.

Ah man, I was banging this chick, and I was up to the vinegar stroke when my phone rang. Ruined the moment.

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The term being to give an old lady a good rodgering with the aid of lubricant (because she is too old to get wet)

Mr A, sleeps with ol' Mrs Z, with a crusty sensation involved for Mr A. Question is... With all that dryness, does Mrs Z find it a pleasure - Practice the "Vinegar Stroke" tonight and find out for your self!

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the act of one's silky tip on another's cheek...sleeping or not

dude, i cant believe you just gave me a vinegar stroke


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