Vinnie Fiorello

What is Vinnie Fiorello?


Vinnie Fiorello is the songwriter/drummer in the Gainsville, FLA ska-punk band Less Than Jake. Vinnie is also the cofounder of Fueled By Ramen(entirely responsible for such viruses on the music world as Fall Out Boy, Panic At The Disco, Cobra Starship, to name a few) but has since left the label. He designs shirts, prints, vinyl toys, etc., for his company, Wunderland War. Vinnie has recently formed the new label Paper + Plastick (with such rad bands as Coffee Project, Landmines, The Explosion, and Andrew Dost). His blog is at pickyourpoisons, and his twitter is pickyourpoisons.

Less Than Jake is totally rad! Vinnie Fiorello is totally rad! But be forewarned, this guy is partially responsible for inflicting Fall Out Boyonto the masses.

It's okay though, I think he regrets it.

He also has an epic beard!

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