Vip Cars

What is Vip Cars?


A car in which is perfectly decently looking and a nice daily driver, totally modified to resemble a car a VIP would supposedly drive in. Now, understand that this is the derivative of this style.

Occasionally referred to as Bippy's, modern VIP'd cars are normally just the ricer equivalent of a luxury car. This usually includes a fugly body kit, dropping your ride to the ground using air suspension (ride is horrid), putting huge beveled rims on it, and completely screwing up the camber so that the wheels can actually spin when driving the car. Oh yeah, and it must have at least 4 doors for a "Very Important Person" to fit in the back.

Essientially, a VIP'd car is the opposite of what a Very Important Person would like to be seen in.

Victims of becoming VIP'd usually include the following:







...basically any other JDMimport sedan they can get their hands on, along with the occasional Euro car.

Person 1: Yo' ese, you see mah new BIPPY's?

Person 2: What? Oh, your ricer?

Person 1: NO MANG! MAH VIP Cars!

Person 2: There is no way in hell a VIP would ride in those.

Person 1: Man, you've been reading too much of that ST:A crap.

Person 2: Whatever dude, those are just luxury ricers, nothing more. They're uglier than the stock models.

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