What is Virgin-dictionary?


The mind set of a complete newcomer to the ways and workings of urban dictionary.

Nicholas slowly logged on to his dusty windows 95. He thought to himself, "why aren't I good at anything"? Finally as his desktop began to load it reminded him of vacation in Paris several years back. The slow dull roar of the computer motor was similar to that dull summer. The lack of enticement and energy was a paradox due to its summer persona.

Once the internet explorer started up, I saw Opera's face on the AOL homepage, what a fat bitch. I hate my life.

Looking for excitement I decided to check out this unprecedented website, named: slangdefine. Again, as the page loaded, I loaded my gun. This time if I did not find excitement, I would shoot myself. But, right away my eyes locked down on the words of the day from the past week. "Wow". For the first time since my six year old daughters wedding, I was mesmerized. The passion, thrill, and creativity in each definition was astonishing. "I must make own", I thought.

I ended up defining poop, the editors rejected it though. Before shooting myself I asked god why, he replied, BECAUSE YOU ARE IN THE PERPETUAL STATE OF MIND, KNOWN AS VIRGIN-DICTIONARY!

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