What is Vivek?



Gender: Masculine

Usage: Indian

Means "wisdom, knowledge" in Sanskrit.

Vivek is a hindi word which literally means "intellgence" or the wisdom or knowledge. It's this very unique feature or quality of human being gifted by the GOD to humans which makes it a completely different form of living being from animals and plants.

It's the knowledge that helps him in differentiating what is right and what is wrong.

It's only through vivek that a man can realise god and its inner self.

Vivek Paul

Vivek Menon

Swami Vivekananda

Vivek (actor) (Tamil movie comedian)

Vivek Oberoi (Bollywood actor)

See knowledge, wisdom


the feeling when you see some one sooo sexy... it is hte feeling when you feel the sexy vibe.... it is when you feel sexy, yet not sexual however note the deliniation!

are you feeling vivek today?

See attractive, sensational, exuberant, sugary


everything important to me.

i love you vivek. endlessly.

See v, vivs, best friend, manlover, pure sex


Someone who thinks he is hot and thinks every girl likes him but really that is not true.

That guy thinks he is such a playa, he is such a vivek

See wannabe, punk, loser, ugly, player


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