What is Vixen1836?


Vixen1836 is a talented author of several quality Twilight fan fiction stories with a massive following. Vixen1836 is widely known as the author of the prolific story Black and White that is currently being published. Her website is Vixen Stories, vixenstories.

With numerous awards, nominations, and mainstream attention Vixen1836 has been lauded as the most talented author in the Twilight fandom, while the story Black and White has been praised by the Fan Fiction community as the most intricate, mature and complex story to originate from the fan fiction genre.

With dedication to accuracy and the cause of returning veterans, the main character is a conflicted Iraq War veteran living in solitude attempting to manage his suffering with Post Traumatic Stress Disorder. The main female character is a passive-aggressive, shy quiet student. The characters forge an irreversible course through companionship, redemption, love and ultimately, healing.

After gaining a following with both mainstream audiences in the military community and fan fiction audiences, Vixen1836 removed story from FanFiction, Twilighted, Twilight Fan Center, and EdwardandBella. It is being published as an original novel to be released November 2009.

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