What is Vmk?


Vmk is a free online MMORPG that is part chat room,part games and advertising the Disney companyay Money is earned through vmk by selling items and playing games or contests.

You get your own room to customize and put in items and invite other users.A virtual mini character is created when you sign up and is intended for audiences 7-14,but can be viewed by people of all ages.

Dude,you got to try VMK,i met ton's of friends there and it's fun!!

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Disney's Virtual Magic Kingdom is a place where 6-11 year old girls stand in the corner of a virtual main street wearing slutty virtual clothing that makes their boobs look bigger than they will ever be in the real world, like prostitutes, waiting for a spiky haired cartoon boy to walk by in hopes that if she asks him if he's "taken" he will agree and have a pointless/retarded relationship that usually lasts no longer than 10 minutes. Nothing like real Disney parks.

Also where Disney fans log on from 10 AM- 1 AM daily and pointlessly chase each other and cry because they don't have a "stitch hat," "green flips," or an "inferno," and if people do have these rare items, they like to show off and brag about it to other players in order to piss them off.

Created by Yavn, who continues to make VMK even more impossible in peoples lives by adding more items and rooms that nobody can get, and making quests that are impossible to do. Run by VMK Staff members like to make VMK players lives miserable by making rooms that players can never get in to (and if you do get in after hours of trying they usually play games which are impossible to win), threaten you with warnings and bans, all while they sit on their ass, act rude to players, do nothing to solve issues, and get paid for it.

VMK Girl 1: hey boy u taken be mine plz

VMK Boy: yea ok wat now

VMK Girl 2: hey he my boy not yours u beach

VMK Girl 1: shut up he like me more

*another girl walks by*

VMK Girl 3: are u taken, boy.

VMK Boy: no be mine lets go some where else

VMK Girls (1-2): like OMG!


VMK Player 1: Hey ppl look at me I traded my life away to get an inferno!!

VMK Player 2: Well look at me I have 10 infernos, and 3 stitch hats..! I have no life!!


The largest VIRTUAL human trap started by a mouse.

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