Vocal Motion

What is Vocal Motion?


A small "selective" musical group/cult. They sing,dance, and gyrate on stage. Long rehersals means long nights and VM sleepovers.Which basically means sex,drinking,and boardgames! Represented by the colors black and gold, and led by a hairy italian man who spends his days sweating and taking care of his lovely children. If you are lucky enough the sweaty guy may even make you some spaghetti, that is if you mow his lawn or babysit the kids. This group has claimed to get you a full scholarship to college, yet this theory has yet to be proven. Most students graduate out of this program to go to community colleges or the drive-thru at a burger joint. Claims to be recognized for excellence all over the country. This too is yet to be proven..

Doc:"Everyone wants to be in Vocal Motion, and if they say they dont, then they are lying!Everyone hates us until they get in and lose all their friends and babysit my kids.Then you get spaghetti and long days with me, and that my friends, is a good life."

See solid gold, doc, italy


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