Vocal Trance

What is Vocal Trance?


Unreal music that gets you right....there. Gives you the abililty to dance for hours without drugs. Uplifting, trippy, beautiful, occassionally dark lyrics but always on the up in the end. Blindin' singers with passion. Shed loads of mixes.

Aluna - All of My Life (Airpanel Club Mix))

Oxygen - Am I on your mind - (IanVanDahl mix)

Yanou ft Do - On And On (DJ's @Work Remix)

And many many more...


The best form of music ever. A Fusion of beautiful trance, with angelic vocals.

Better than all that Black R'n'B crap the majority of the world listens to.

Vocal Trance is looked down upon by some people, but they cannot appreciate true, awesome music, and would rather listen to that stupid Black shit that every other moron listens to.

Also notice how people who listen to Vocal Trance type correctly, unlike the ones "hu typ lyk diz lolz"

Point: Proven

I was listening Aylin - Viva The Love, and was taken into a total dream world. Then some fag told me his gay Twista and Usher music was better, so I smashed him in the face and walked off.

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One of the main reasons that females exist.

Kirsty Hawkshaw is a goddess when it comes to vocal trance.

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