What is Vodopivec?


A Slovenian surname, literally meaning Water-drinker. Normally a very cool guy, snowboarder, Top gun movie fan, resident of capital city and faggot in disguise.

Things Vodopivec does:

- play innocent

- break his/her leg week before ski vacation

- have fetish for Patrick Swayze, Chuck Norris and Jure

- smoke

- receive buttfuck

Things Vodopivec doesn't do:

- have a lot of sex

- watch football

- use his tongue

- have sexual intercourse with other male friends beside his roommates

We already made hotel reservation in Alpe d'Huez, but he vodopiveced. When she was down on me, she was vodopivecing. No, I haven't have sex since 2007, I am vodopivec.

See tongue, swayze, abstinence, buttfuck, jure, sex, chuck, norris


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