What is Vollis?


From Old French Voler and Latin Tenez, literally "to take flight" or "to hold while flying"

A unique game that combines the better features of volleyball and tennis into a single, action packed sport for all ages. Created in 2002 by the CCCPE10A group, the game has risen in popularity in South East Queensland, Australia and enjoyed by numerous locals. The game was designed to be played on multi-purpose courts with an unspecified number of players on each side, using a tennis net and soft playing ball for gameplay. In its purest forms, netball hoops are present and allow Vollicers to eliminate their opposition by sinking a ball through the enemy hoop. All parts of the body are legal for play and aspects from various other sports are integrated into the game at various times.

"Vollis was said to be the greatest game of all time by many in attendance"

"Hope you all will join me for a spot of Vollis later today ladies and gentlemen"


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