What is Volume?


The loudness control on a tv, radio, computer, cd player... and more.

Volume controls keeps ppl from becoming deaf.


a capsule of the tranquilizer Diazepam(from Valium, the name it was marketed under)

Lay off those volumes. Your losing your focus.

See benzo, hospital, tranq


1) The loudness of audio on an electrical device.

2) The amount of space matter takes up.

"Could you please turn down the volume?"

"Volume is measured in Cubic Centimeters and Milliliters"

See channel, area, mass, matter, audio


base x width x height

Why should i care?

See Jonathan


The way a group of friends retardly pick on stupid rangers of a camp site in-order to get the attention of the state police. Many dont get caught because park rangers are easily confused.

late at night

majesty 17dude theres one right now

other guylets go throw so total volume on that queer

majesty 17go get a burnt hotdog i've got an idea

(30 seconds later)"the chase begins!"

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