What is Vom?


to vomit

"who vommed in the living room?"

See Rory


something that is sooo disgustingly repulsive it makes you want to VOMit

the food in the dining hall tonight is vom!

See Alyssa


n.: Vomitus; The result of someone or something having vomited; A pile/pool/puddle/lump of vomitus.

v.: To vomit.

May be used in place of shit for most meanings of that word.

Danny's day was going well until he stepped in the dog-vom.

"Vom!" he cursed as he vommed up his breakfast.

From that point on his whole day turned to vom.

All in all it had turned into the vommiest day of his life.



VOM stands for vision of murder, it's a test in college that brings joy to the life, and helps you to become a very confident person......

VOM is very important, with out, we would DIE!!!!!!


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