What is Vonk?


To punch someone in the foot, while not wearing anysort of footware including socks

Evan vonked Jimmy very hard.

See vonk, foot, fist, hate, mexicans


1.To wake up first thing and masturbate.

2.to have sex before getting out of bed.

3.The sex addicts answer to wake and bake

Man I woke up and had to vonk then i fell back asleep, and when my girl got home from third shift we vonked together

See sex, vonk, girl, man, morning, asleep, wake up


A pubic toupee, named after the Dutch company Vonk Schaamtoupetten. These toupees are usually colorful and outrageous.

I got a vonk with red feathers and sequins on it.

See sex toys, fashion, accessory


Extreme cold

cold felt in a train station when rough. Can induce crying in grown men.


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