What is Vool?


VOOL is cool or, very cool, extra cool, super cool person

You are a vool! (You are a very cool person!)

See cool, very, super, extra, person, vool


volumes of cool

way vool!


Like "cool," only vooler.

Finally, a vool dream.


Adjective: Something that is both evil and cool simultaneously.

Synonym: badass.

Dude, you probably shouldn't have blown up that guy's mailbox, but it was kinda vool.

See vool, badass, evil, cool, lame, cruel


Short for very cool.

"woah, this game is vool"

"dude, if youre trying to be vool, then i think you should try rethinking your style"

See plox, woot, cool, very, plant


Vool is a mysterious liquid comprised of several other potent and/or disgusting liquids.

"Oh my goodness, there's a puddle of vool in my backyard!"

See slime, gunk, vomit, ooze, liquid


coolbut much vooler


Oh My GOd, your new shoes are so vool!!!!

See ashley


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