What is Vootie?



Originated in the comic book Nexus by Mike Baron and Steve Rude.

All purpose exclamation of elation, pleasure, joy, surprise, or other positive emotion...no proper usage of the word Vootie requires git-type !!1!!one after it. Vootie! is the correct form.

I just found $100 lying on the ground! Vootie!

See Indigo


a gereral purpose term used when no other word is avaible such as "um", it is given emphasis by the number exclamation points added after it and whether or not it is capitolized. the number 1 may be added after the third !

commonly used by Klokwurk and AlysWhitil at Gamefaqs in place of "bump"

you parents just gave you a new power Mac "Vootie!!!"


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