What is Voung?


Voung is a guy/girl at school that thinks he/she is your friend and will not stop bothering you when you have been seen.

The Voung will ask the same question like "how are you" and "whats up?" 12 times in a day often one after the other and you are expected to answer. The Voung will also walk right up into your face and allow you to smell what they ate last night or earlier on.

Voung:(Voung spots a person)

"Hey whats up, how are you, what you got next", "how's your brother going".

Dude:(trying to get away from his/her face and walkaway)

"err good i guess, umm... somthing i can't remember what i got now and he is going good"

Voung: "(tsk) k Awesome"

Dude: " well i gotta go now and get to class"

See annoying, vung, vong, v, dumb, asshole, bitch


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