What is Vsfw?


Very safe for work.

It is a page that will censor any materials that could possibly offend family members/co workers/bosses/managers/etc.

It is also friendly to all races (yes, races, cats and dogs alike), skin pigments, countries, and what have you.

It can be good or bad. A site that will censor swear words, such as that one site dedicated to showcasing stories of how consumers are bumbling buffoons, or it could be bad, as like that one site where you can upload videos for the whole world to see, and a video unloader shuts off comments for his clip.

VSFW: Very Safe for work.

1. A hilarious site that censors swears

Jimmy: Oh man, this site is so funny! It's... I dunno... very safe for work!

Jonny: Yeah, and I can read it anywhere and no one will be offended!

2. A video uploader who disables comments.

Video Site Commenter 1: ah well i cant offer my 2 cents

Video Site commenter 2: no dam u why cant u alow commentatisions! grargiurefqwierf! dam u VSFW!

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