V-tec Bro

What is V-tec Bro?


V-tec bro (n). A slang word describing a male group within the American Armenian community, having just arrived from Iran, trying to assimilate but not quite making it, displaying semi-queer behavior such as:

-plucking their eyebrows ( to the point "Prince" would be jealous)

-highlighting their hair (a fashion Asians went through, mind you in the 90's)

- driving old Honda Civics "fixed-up"

- excessively using the phrase "its V-tec bro"

- weighing 110, at 5' 2" (very squeemish looking)

- having their girlfriend's show up at their fights

- not leaving their mom's house until age 35

- speaking what they call "English", that really just sounds like a drawn out song in Persian

- keeping a go-T

- getting waxed on a regular basis, more than their girlfriends (their backs, legs, eyebrows, etc)

V-tec bro is a typical parsakhye guy racing on the street of Glendale, CA.

"He is such a V-tec bro."

See armenian, rabiz, hyastansi, parskahye


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