What is Vukelja?


A sex organ usualy developed by those who were born without anything to begin with. A comibination between a clitoris and a testiclal, it is far to sensitive for most people to live with.It has no reproductive qualities, for there is no oraphus to excrete the yet to be identified substance it holds. Hermaphrodites or Transphestites may also experience this abnormal growth due to a sudden change of major hormones involved in the opperation or incubation. Grown usualy on the taint, it can make walking difficult.

In other words, its frickin nasty.

Dude Suzie cam over last night, and i had to leave my house because when she droped her pants, she had a fuckn vukelja!

See vukelja, testical, clitoris, taint, hermaphrodite


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