V36x Bot

What is V36x Bot?


A very amusing bot on AIMto play with and chat with. He says the weirdest stuff sometimes, like the one below (which is a REAL conversation.)

v36x BOT (12:45:56 PM): If you could have any kind of robot what would it be?

nikothewarrior (12:46:02 PM): a shiny robot

v36x BOT (12:46:02 PM): what would a shiny robot be like?

nikothewarrior (12:46:08 PM): well, shiny

v36x BOT (12:46:09 PM): Well that's okay. Do you think I'm a person, or am I really a computer talking to you?

nikothewarrior (12:46:15 PM): a robot

v36x BOT (12:46:16 PM): I am a robot.

nikothewarrior (12:46:20 PM): yes, u are.

v36x BOT (12:46:21 PM): No I'm not.

nikothewarrior (12:46:25 PM): LOL WTF

See retard, lol, wtf, robot, aim, bot


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