W T F ?!?!

What is W T F ?!?!?


1. Acronym for whatever you want it to mean...most commonly used is for What the Fuck?

1. But I thought the french fries were supposed to be crunchy and salty at McDonald's...WTF?

2. WTF is sally doing with that dog?

3. What The Freak (polite form)

4. Waste Treatment Facility

5. Water Task Force

6. Way To Fail

7. Way to Fly

8. Weapons Tactics Force (gaming)

9. What If

10. What's This For?

11. When The Freak (polite form)

12. Where the Freak (polite form)

13. Where's the Fire?

14. Where's the Food?

15. Where's the Fridge?

16. Whiskey Tango Foxtrot

17. Who the Freak? (polite form)

18. Why the Failure

19. Why The Freak (polite form)

20. Williamstown Theatre Festival

21. Wisconsin Test Facility

22. World Taekwon Do Federation

23. World Tennis Federation

24. World Trade Federation

25. Waiting Til Friday

26. Working Til Friday

27. Wild Turkey Friday

28. Whale turds floating

29. Wandering the Farm

30. Where's the food?

31. Whiskey Tango Foxtrot

32. Wombat Training Facility


mostly known as "what the fuck" but have also seen extended versions as in WTFIHD (what the fuck is he doing) or WTFIT (what the fuck is that)

u can make your own!

"W T F ?!?! he's jumped of the kerb Oh my Gosh!!"

"WTFIHD with his hand! Actually i dont wanna know!"

"WTFIT! It looks like a spastic monkey. Ill name him Simon! Still, WTFIT!!"

See wah, what, eh, ahh, woah


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