What is W.a.s.p.?


white anglo saxon protestant


White Anglo-Saxon Protestant

Descendants of colonial-era immigrants from the British Isles--especially England, but also from Wales and Scotland (irrespective of the fact that Scots and Welsh people are predominantly descended from Celts, not descendants of Angles and Saxons)--who belonged to the Presbyterian, Congregationalist, and Episcopalian (Anglican) denominations of Protestantism.

The term is redundant because all Anglo-Saxons are white.

To this day in America, the W.A.S.P.s are the one group about which--in a politically correct atmosphere--jokes can be made with impunity.

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1. 80's metal band that kicked some major ass back in the day. Fronted by Blackie Lawless, former of the New York Dolls. Known for such songs as "L.O.V.E. Machine" and "Wild Child"

2. White Anglo-Saxon Protestant

1. W.A.S.P. does NOT stand for "We Are Sexual Perverts" you stupid fucking prick.

2. Racist fucks...


"White Anglo Saxon Protestant". The most common place for W.A.S.P.s would be New England. Smart, witty, posh, classy, old money, top of the social chain, good looking, country club members, nonchalant, old school, boat owners, capable of outdoing anyone on anything, original prep (none of this new popped-collar, tacky pearls, and ribbons), boat shoes, Polo's, Lacoste, scandelous in private, small stature.

There are two types of people who go to country clubs:

People who let you know that they attend a country club, and those who you had no idea because they don't go about telling everyone. We call those people w.a.s.p.s.

"Wow, you should be in a porno."

"No, I can't do that."

"Why not?"

"Because I'm a w.a.s.p."

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The 80' Metal band, Founded by Blackie Lawless, born on 1956, former member of New York Dolls, Sister, London and Circus Circus. The name "W.A.S.P." most likely stands for "We Are Sexual Perverts"!

This name W.A.S.P. could be another trick by Blackie Lawless, even you can deny the dots through them and call it Wasp. Blackie Lawless said it once: "Wasps are the only flying insects that can live after they sting"! Wheares you can link it to manys like: We Are Satan People, We Are Sex Prophets, We Ain't Sure Pal, We Aim Sick People and etc, but likely it's We Are Sexual perverts!

See wasp, w.a.s.p.


1980's shock rock band featuring former New York Doll Blackie Lawless.

White Anglo-Saxon Protestant

"W.A.S>p> is coming in concert. Anyone going?"

"My brother's girlfriend is such a W.A.S.P. God I hate her"


1980s heavy metal act. Stands for...





"Fuck Like A Beast" is my favorite W.A.S.P. song.

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