What is Way Out Of The Pocket. / "way Out Of Pocket."?


"Way Out of the Pocket" / "Way Out of Pocket," verb imperative.

(1920's Era Street Slang, African American Slang, Man Talk, Pimpin'/Pimping Talk, Urban Slang/Vernacular)

1. To conduct one's self improperly; when used with a reflexive pronuoun denotation becomes a noun.

2. Misbehavior, noun. -- pronounced (miss be have your) -- rude or uncivil behavior.

3. Acting the ass/fool.

TeeTee: Your women is "Way Out of the Pocket." / "Way Out of Pocket."

Junebug: I know, that's why I only got her that fake Louis Vuittonbag. When she goes to the next Louis Vuitton showing, they will take her bag from her and she will "Grow Hair On Her Chest"/(to try or to act like a man) and get her ass arrested.

TeeTee: That's a damn shamn!

Junebug: And you know this!

Translation: I agree with you my good man.

See man talk


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