What is W00b?


A cross between n00b and weenie. Basically a weenie-ish n00b.

You're not even a n00b, you're like, a w00b.

See n00b, newbie, noob, newby


Someone very huggable and sweet; someone needing a hug; someone who basically just makes the sympathy gush out of you, and you go 'awww'

A 'w00bie' is someone who displays these qualities.

Neville Longbottom is such a w00b. He's so very w00bie, just like Col. Brandon.

See sweet, huggable, sympathetic, adorable


someone who means a hell of a lot to someone

rarer than just being gf or bf.

i love you w00by

my w00b!

See bf, gf, 00ba!, n00b


Function: noun

Usage: Online only. Mainly seen in HGL's chat-1 channel. Infiltration beyond online world is imminent.

Etymology: W00t + n00b = w00b

Date: Late 2007

1. Multiple online character names in Hellgate London game.

2. Possible formation of the largest clan in Hellgate London.

3. Also see "Zerg"

1. This is w00blicious!

2. Morning w00b!

3. The w00b is unstoppable. Resistance is futile.

4. Why don't you join the w00b.

See w00t!, w00t, n00b, wob, woob, woobs


A combo of w00t and n00b resulting in no meaning at all, but an insult.

SiKev is a w00b.



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