What is W.c.?


W.C. translates directly to Water Closet; it means “The Toilet”. Mostly only stupid people are unaware of this fact, but seeing as I am currently in Australia, that could explain it. Mainly Europeans use W.C., but it is often above the door to the loo in offices… and stupid people (Australians…) don’t know what it means.

SA=Stupid Australian, BP=Business Person

SA: I need to use the Loo mate.

BP: Down the corridor, there is a sign above it.

SA reaches the door, and reads W.C. on the sign: Where did you say it was mate???

BP shakes his head: Right in front of you “mate”!


Wrong Chat

Commonly used in IM programs when someone has sent somebody something which was intended for someone else.

-> sorry, w.c.

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W.C. is a rapper and member of the WestSide Connection,

Other than recording a crappy catch phrase and playing it a thousand times to an annoying beat he rhymes, Like most rappers should,

Like many other great rap artists he never really got much recognition it would seem,

Before forming Westside Connection with Cube and Mack 10, WC rose through the ranks as lead lyricist for groups Low Profile and Maad Circle. After the success of Westside, WC also released a pair of solo albums, The Shadiest One and Ghetto Heisman.

Obviously no stranger to successful collaborative efforts, WC has also worked with the likes of Coolio and Mariah Carey, and contributed to the Gang Related Original Motion Picture Soundtrack.

You want an example of W.C.? Look at any real Hip-Hop artist.

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water closet

i had to use the water closet to go to the bathroom and washup.


W.C. stands for: Window Crew. The acronym represents the group of people that work in a "cubicle environment" and get to sit in a cubicle right next to a window. Why are they so cool??? Because everyone else can only see more cubicles. As a side note, you must be a member of EE to be in the W.C.

"Why are you and Shawn wearing hoodie sweatshirts today?" "Because - we're in the W.C. - and that's how we roll!"

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wheelchair clique

rep the w.c.


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