W.c. Fields

What is W.c. Fields?


W.C. Fields was the funniest comedic actor in the history of film. Before he was an actor, he was a Vaudevillian juggler. He was born William Claude Dukenfield on January 29, 1880; he died on December 25, 1946. He was also known as Charles Bogle, Otis Criblecoblis, Mahatma Kane Jeeves, A. Pismo Clam, et cetera.

The best movie W.C. Fields was in is It's a Gift.

Norman Bissonet (Tommy Bupp): What's the matter, Pop, don't you love me anymore?

Harold (W.C. Fields): Certainly I love you!

Amelia (Kathleen Howard): Don't you dare strike that child!

Harold: Well, he's not going to tell me I don't love him!

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