What is W.e.t.?


Noun. White Entertainment Television. A television channel that is offered on cable and satellite tv focusing mainly on white caucasian culture and history. Currently W.E.T. does not exist as it would be seen as racist in todays society. Many of those in American society feel that the channel would strengthen anti-semitism.

Example 1:"We don't need W.E.T. because everyone on tv is white anyway."

Example 2:"There's a B.E.T. why can't there be a W.E.T.? That's racist!"

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The real reason why we don't have White Entertainment Television (WET). It spells WET.

W.E.T.? That really gives the wrong message for a TV channel...

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oppisite of B.E.T.

It is a station i will make someday called white entertainment television. It will feature a lot of wigers getin on hot oreo chicks.

hey lets watch W.E.T. tonight

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