What is W.e.t.h.?


Wealthy Elitist Traditionalist Hispanics:

A rising population of people under Hispanic origin emerging from South America (Argentina, Chile, and parts of Brazil) and Central America (Puerto Rico)who hold considerably high status in Worldly Society. They live lifestyles based upon rigid societal manners and place great emphasis on etiquette and traditional Spanish and Hispanic customs such as elaborate ,yet conservative social gatherings. Favorite pass-times include golfing, rowing, polo, tennis, squash, swimming, and sailing. They are known to dress conservatively and in bright summer colors embodied in solid colored polo shirts and deep scarlet blazers. Typical dress also consists of chino pants or khaki shorts as well as more modern light washed jeans and white sneakers. Their signature shoe is the moccasin. Favorite vacation spots include Vieques, Puerto Rico and, surprisingly, many places in the state of Maine and in the many popular vacation spots of New England. They also attend elite schools and colleges, though the place of education is not as significant as the level one obtains.

The lifestyle has been noted to be considerably similar to that of the W.A.S.P. way of life, from which it is thought to have been adopted.

Onlooker: "He looks of considerable status."

Onlooker #2: "He attends Yale as an undergraduate. He's supposedly of one of the W.E.T.H. families from down in Argentina."

Onlooker: "How interesting..."

Onlooker #2: "Indeed."

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