What is W.g.c.?


White Girl Compatible

1.Any male non caucasian individual that is given the joys of a white woman.

2. A black male that does not have to try for a white female, its kinda like she throws the pussy at you and she shuns her sexual inferior Caucasian male counterpart because they have the penis size of a small premature infant.

3.any non Caucasian male that gets the royal treatment at the white girl's parents house. You run shit there. And she still with her mom and pops and you can knock boots in her room while they are home.

Black dude 1

"yo man did you see that snow flake? she was given you that look"

Black dude 2

"Yeah that cracker bitch over there is just dying to give me the pussy"

Black dude 1

"how you figure"

Black dude 2

"Because I'm W.G.C. I'm compliant with all white bitches"

Black dude 1

"W.G.C. whut's dat?"

Black dude 2

"It means that I'm white girl compatible. I intergrate with all white girl models, from the ones that say I don't date black dudes, to one that say that I don't suck dick and then bam those bitches are sucking dick. Black dick."

Black dude 1

"damn I think I need to download a patch or something"

See pimp, player, mack, baller, pimp daddy


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