White Person

What is White Person?


this is a term used to incorectly label people with ethnicity from europe (correct describer: caucasain) who have light color skin. light skin can be within range from yellow to peach to pink to tan to orange to light red. mixing all these colors together, gets your ever-so-frequently-used-slur: "WHITE". all humans, please, open your eyes and tell me those color hues make white. "white" cannnot be a culture. white cannot be a race. white cannot be a people. and I, for-a-fact, canNOT be a fucking color.

"hey "white" person help me to the red bull"-person 1 "I'm sorry, do I look like i fell out of a crayola crayon box? read my name tag and show respect."-person 2

See racist, bogus, born


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