What is W-inds?


a japanese boyband with all in one package cute,adorable and of course good music and they are all very good dancers (even break dancing!). Don't believe what other people say, they are NOT androids. members are keita tachibana, main vocal, can reach to five octave range, ryohei chiba, rapper and backup singer, ryuichi ogata, rapper and backup singer.

w-inds. was said to have come from the wind in the south represented by ryohei and ryuichi and the north represented by keita where they all met in Tokyo. winds. have won the best new artist award in their 1st year!they have recorded 3 albums and 12 singles to date.

check out their videos super lover~i need you tonight, new paradise , long road, pieces and their other pvs. their latest one is kirei da...


The way a newbie fan spells the Jpop group w-inds. name.

USER1: I LUV W-inds

USER2: Dude, its w-inds., okay. Get it fucking right.


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The best Boy band in Japan. they breakdance adn rap real good, and no, they are not androids like *someone else said* their names are keita tachibana, the main singer, Ryohei Chiba, rap, dancer and chorus singer and Ryuichi Ogata, he does the same job as Ryohei.

They sing good, dance good and they look good too! {o^^o}

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Keita Tachibana - lead vocals, born Dec 16, 1985

Ryuichi Ogata - lead rap, backup singer, born Dec 17, 1985

Ryohei Chiba - lead dancer, backup singer (and he sometimes helps with the rapping), born Nov 18, 1984

Jpop boy band that has 20 singles, 20 coupling songs, 6 cd's (with an average of 15 1/3 songs on each), and 11 DVD's.

They also have short video's of them as the 'joy police' where they go to places that are suppost to be fun and see if they are (Keita dosn't jump when things pop out at him and Ryuichi tends to like rides more than something you have to walk though from what I've seen)

Great W-inds songs:

Forever Memories



Super Lover ~I Need You Tonight~

Love is Message


Break Down, Build Up

New Paradise

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