What is W-inds.?


A boy band from Japan. One word to describe them, perfection.

Ryohei, Keita and Ryuichi.

See Anna


they debut with their single Forever Memories~ the member are Keita Tachibana (‹k?@Œc‘¾), Ryohei Chiba (?ç—t—Á•½), and Ryuichi Ogata (??•û—´ˆê)~ Keita is lead vocal, and he dance.. Ryohei and Ryuichi dance and rap.

they are from flight master, yo!! not johnny's~~ and they still prove to be sucess!!

and if you spell w-inds. wrong with a capital w or without dash or period, i will find you, hunt you down, and take away your birthday.

Flight Master Guy, you got your HOT HOT HOT right here, yo!!! w-inds. is definately far better than the Johnny with a lisp. Yes, everyone, please...THIT.


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