What is W40k?


The tabletop game developed by Games Workshop in which players compete with miniature armies set in the 41st millenium.

Players build up their armies from plastic boxed sets and make lists based on points value (ie a bunch of crappy guys or a few kick-butt ones).

Many unique types of units exist in each race of beings, and there are 9 unique races to chose from, each with their own flavor.

The game features the ability to either shoot apart the army from a distance or close in for some visceral close combat.

The universe is rather dark, where humanity worships one man called the Emperor. Other beliefs means heresy, another word for 'Death Sentence'.

Im getting together a W40k game tomorrow if you are interested.

Man your such a W40k geek!

I can't play W40k, its just way too expensive!

See w40k, the warp


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