What is W+m1?


A technique used by bad gamers using only the W key and holding down Mouse 1. They charge in sort of a rambo/scarface fashion to enemies, only to die.

(Team Fortress 2)

Scout: God, I hate those W+M1 Pyros, such a nuissance

Pyro: NaW dood teh are teh awesomz!!11! skill ftw lulz

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A technique used by games involving rushing in and shooting the enemies without any thoughts to tactics or strafing, by use of holding down the W key (in a WASD configuration) and the left mouse button. Expression originated from Team Fortress 2

"God, I hate those W+M1 Pyros, they have no skill!"

"W+M1 wins again!"

"I can't believe I died to a W+M1."

"W+M1 takes no skill."

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